Risks of current vaccines

This is the opinion of a complementary physician. His opinion is shared by many fellow complementary doctors and therapists.

The corona vaccine works very differently
Although the “corona vaccines” are called vaccinations, in fact they are not vaccinations as we know them and as I have described above. The corona vaccine is an experimental method with which we have hardly any experience and of which we do not know what it will do to our body in the long term.

Corona vaccines do not use an attenuated virus, but so-called mRNA. RNA is a chain of ribonucleic acids and the “m” in front of it stands for messenger. mRNA is therefore a “messenger substance” and the body controls almost all processes in the body by means of these mRNAs.

The mRNA used in the corona vaccine triggers cells in our own body to produce a protrusion that is also on the cell surface of the coronavirus. This mRNA also instructs the cell to subsequently place this protrusion on its own cell surface.

To summarize: the mRNA in the corona vaccine is – if you choose to do so – injected into your body, then enters your body cells and instructs them to make a protein projection that is identical to a protein projection that is on the cell surface. of the coronavirus. This corona-identical protrusion is then placed by your body on the cell surface of your own cells. That’s where your immune cells come across it. They recognize that it does not belong there and start to produce antibodies. This is called immune response and you have probably read about it in the news: the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine has an immune response of 95%, which means that the immune system in 95% of the people who received the vaccine, begins to produce antibodies.

That sounds good, but it is actually very scary
Why? With the earlier vaccines that contain attenuated viruses, your immune system does not produce one antibody against one protrusion protein, but against the entire pattern of protrusions on the cell surface of the virus in question. In the previous example of customs, this means that the criminal’s recognition and elimination takes place on the basis of his entire face and not just his nose or mouth.

The corona vaccine involves only one corona-identical protrusion that is on your own cells. And there are a lot of other protrusions on your cell, namely your own. Nature usually does not produce antibody against one protrusion but against a whole pattern of protrusions.

This is an exciting situation because it means that there is a real chance that your immune system will produce antibodies not only against the corona-identical protrusion on your cell surface, but against the entire pattern (or part of it) on your own cell surface. That would mean that the corona vaccines not only partially work against the corona virus, but that it also attacks your own cells.

The latter, that attack on your own cells, is what we call an autoimmune disease. Customs now no longer captures a criminal based on his entire face, but captures all people with a certain shape of mouth or with a certain haircut.

Scientists hope …
Scientists now hope that the antibodies produced could do something against a possible infection with the corona virus in the future. I deliberately say ‘hope’ because when you study the studies of the corona vaccines there is only evidence of an immune response and there is little or no evidence of any significant reduction in infectivity to others, disease severity and possible death from the disease in the target groups for which it is most important. Quite shocking when you consider how it is brought into the news day in, day out as the solution to the corona problem (a relatively simple source to further inform you about this is an article by the neurologist Jan B. Hommel: https: // www. janbhommel.com/post/het-pfizer-biontech-vaccin-against-het-sars-cov-2-virus).

Shocking as it may be that so little is known about the true protection of the corona vaccine and that it is being (accelerated) introduced, I find it even more shocking that no one is talking about the risk of autoimmune diseases when the possibility is real on the basis of what we know about the functioning of the human body and its immune system.

The real risk
As described above, there is a very real risk that the immune system will not only produce antibodies that have a limited effect against the coron.